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Full Van Conversions

We don't just create campervans, we’ll build you your very own rustic home, one that’s
completely unique and customised to your needs.

Converted Vans 

We are currently out of stock but we are taking bookings for conversions

Vanlife Community

One of our goals is to grow the Irish camper community. If you need help with your build or
if you have any questions, we’re always on hand and happy to help in any way we can.

What we do

Oldboy Campers specialise in cost effective, bespoke campervans, uniquely designed and hand-crafted for full-time van-dwellers and weekend warriors alike. One of our key goals is to make owning and enjoying a camper van accessible to anyone who has ever dreamed of living a life on the road.

Our vans come fully equipped with all the necessary mod-cons in a
strategically planned living area which includes kitchen, living/sleeping 
quarters and ample storage.


Converted to the highest standard from commercial vans, our campers come
with closed cell spray foam offering exceptional thermal heat retention, full 12 volt and 240 volt electrics, plumbing, heating and a range of other essentials.


This all comes in a layout and style customised to your needs, ensuring that you have the perfect van for you and your adventures.

Some of the work we have done to date

Our work

How it started

A few years ago myself and a close friend undertook the mammoth task of transforming her Renault Master into a fully-converted and fitted campervan in just 5 weeks. While she had mountains of research done on how to go about
it, I was relatively unexperienced but extremely eager. Having such a short deadline meant we had to work around the clock, and somehow we managed to get it all done on time. The end result was the amazing Mags (pictured on
this page).

With a lot of ideas floating around in my head I took a bit of a break and headed to Colombia for three months the day after we finished Mags. I’d plenty of time to reflect on a job well done, but I still wasn’t content to leave it at that. I’d too many ideas for things I wanted to do even better. The plan to take the plunge and start Oldboy Campers began to form over those few months. I grew more and more convinced that this was what I really wanted to do, and more and more certain that going back to my 9-5 in corporate marketing was bottom of the agenda. By the time I landed back home, I’d decided I was going to start a camper-van conversion business here in the west of Ireland.

Now, almost 6 years later I look back on my time in Colombia and on all I’ve achieved with no regrets. I made a bold decision and it’s turned out to be the right one. I knew that I wanted Oldboy Campers to be different. I wanted the
vans that I built to stand out, to be unique and above all to make their owners happy. I wanted these vans to lift people out of their daily grind and give them the freedom to explore and experience life on the road. And this will always be my mission. 

Each day in my workshop I get to create, design and build, and to do it on my own terms. Working closely with my customers allows me to interpret their vision and deliver vans above and beyond their expectations. This has been
an incredibly rewarding journey, and I’m grateful for everyone who has joined in with me so far.


So if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and starting life on the road, why not go for it?

This is the story so far of Oldboy Campers...

 The original Oldboy camper 'Mags'


Get in touch

Oldboy Campers,

Mayo Abbey,


Co. Mayo,


Email: or call

+353 87 7460 124

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What People Say

"Enda had been a pleasure to deal with during the whole conversion time making the process as streamlined and cost effective as possible. We couldn't be more happy with the finish he put on our camper as well as the extra touches we weren't expecting! The aftersales has also been great. Enda is always approachable and keen to resolve the small issues that we had our even just for advice. I couldn't recommend Oldboy campers enough".

Alan Smith

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